Format 2k 4k+
35mm 2/3/4-perf $0.12/ft $0.19/ft
16mm/Super16/Ultra16 $0.25/ft $0.30/ft
8mm/Super8 $0.40/ft $0.50/ft

We accept 8/16/35mm prints, interpositives, and negatives with or without optical sound. We provide services to professionals, enthusiasts, and everyday people with home movies.

All scans include hand cleaning, splice repair, HDR scanning and global color calibration. Machine cleaning will be available in the near future.

Output is available in Prores, MP4, DNG and many other formats.

See our portfolio for examples.

Included in Scanning Services:

  • Our obligation free quote.
  • Film inspection and basic repairs.
  • Cleaning of the film.
  • Professionally operated scan using one of the latest and most modern scanning systems.
  • Slight in-scan color correction.
  • Over-sampled scans (at 5K or 6.5K downscaled to 2K or 4K).
  • Two-flash HDR (High Dynamic Range).
  • Optical sound transferred if present.
  • Electronic proof files.
  • Output to Prores 4444 XQ (12-bit) or Prores HQ (10-bit) as standard.
  • Your film returned on your supplied reels and cans.
  • All clients treated professionally.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most jobs are turned around in 1-2 weeks, contact us for a quote to be advised of current turnaround time.

Evaluation Scan

35mm 4-perf $0.05/ft
16mm/Super16/Ultra16 $0.10/ft
8mm/Super8 $0.20/ft

For where quality isnt essential and you just want a quick and very basic scan. Perfect for when you just need to know whats on your film. The film will not be cleaned first, the scanner is run at 60fps and the lowest resolution with no re-scans to fix any problems.

Clients are welcome to purchase a professional scan afterwards if they would like.

Repairs & Cleaning

For film in particularly bad shape additional charges for repairs may apply. Additional cleaning may also be advised.

Color Correction

Color correction for faded film is available at a cost of $0.15/ft, for any size film. Peformed in post using Resolve. Optional grain management and sharpening if you would like as well.

Dailies & Student Film

Send your film straight to us from the lab and get:

  • Color correction
  • Grain management
  • Sharpening in post

Included, at your option, at no additional charge. Reel Revival can also provide the raw scan off the scanner in case you’re unhappy with the work and wish to revert!

Archive Scanning

For volume work such as archive scanning we can custom tailor the scanning options to meet your needs and your budget.

Rush Service

For when you need your job done right away. Available at additional cost.