Professional Film Scanning

Based in Norristown Pennsylvania, Reel Revival offers professional film scanning for all formats – 35mm/16mm/8mm. Competitive rates, simple pricing. All clients big and small treated professionally. Your film handled with care and returned to you in the same condition with your original reels and cans.


Home Movie Scanning

Reel Revival is proud to offer the same professional quality scanning services for home movies! Reel Revival has one of the best scanning systems available for small format film, your film can be transferred to the same quality we offer our professional clients with flexible format and delivery options tailored to the specific needs of our home movie clients.


Our Scanning Services Include:

• Our obligation free quote.

• Film inspection and basic repairs.

• Cleaning of the film.

• Professionally operated scan using the 6.5K HDR Lasergraphics ScanStation — one of the latest and most modern scanning systems.

• Slight in-scan color correction.

• Over-sampled scans (at 5K or 6.5K downscaled to 2K or 4K).

• Two-flash HDR (High Dynamic Range).

• Optical sound transferred if present.

• Electronic proof files.

• Output to Prores 4444 XQ (12-bit) or Prores HQ (10-bit).

• Your film returned on your supplied reels and cans.

• All clients treated professionally.

• Satisfaction guaranteed!

Affordable Pricing 

Pricing is per foot. (Base price for short reels - $30)

Format 2k 4k
35mm 2/3/4-perf $0.12 $0.19
16mm/Super16/Ultra16 $0.25 $0.30
8mm/Super8 $0.40 $0.50

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About Reel Revival

Founded in 2020, Reel Revival Film offers top quality film scanning, grading, and restoration of 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm for film archives, libraries, filmmakers and consumers. Whether your film is historic, newly shot, or precious home movies, we're here to help transfer it at an affordable price! We are committed to providing outstanding service and high quality results, so that everyone can preserve their memories for future generations.