Format 2k 4k
16mm/Super16/Ultra16 $0.25/ft $0.30/ft
8mm/Super8 $0.40/ft $0.50/ft

We are proud to offer a tailored service for our home movies clients. Imagine your precious home movies scanned on the same scanner to the same quality as our professional clients this is what we offer. Very few of our competitors offer this.

Most companies offering this service use low-end scanners which are incapable of transferring small format film well. Many will tell you the format doesnt contain enough quality to warrant scanning on a professional scanner. If you have used one of these companies in the past you may have been disappointed with your scans, and wondered if its possible to get a better scan.

See our portfolio for examples.

The facts:

  • The smaller the format, the harder it is to scan.
  • Exposure problems common to home movies can make scanning more difficult.
  • Until recently it was impossible to scan print film to the same quality as neg.
  • Cleaning the film first will greatly improve your scan. Home movie clients who get dirty scans often resort to using Neat Video to clean up their scans, the results are never as nice as they would have been had the film been properly cleaned first.
  • Many companies offering this service claim that their low-end scanners are professional scanning machines.
  • Most companies offering this service do a vastly inferior job.

Color Correction

Color correction for faded film is available at a cost of $0.15/ft, for any size film. Peformed in post using Resolve. Optional grain management and sharpening if you would like as well.

Professional Encoding

Recommended for clients not experienced with encoding from Prores, and for where all additional color correction has been applied. Not recommended without color-correction. The basic h264 or HEVEC encode from the scanner is always free, this option is for clients who want a professional quality encode.